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In Ayurvedic terms, a heart attack is understood as a disturbance in the balance of the body’s doshas, particularly vata and pitta, resulting in a disruption of the flow of prana, or life force energy, through the heart’s channels, known as nadis.

When vata and pitta doshas become aggravated, they can lead to the accumulation of ama, or toxins, in the body, which may manifest as blockages in the coronary arteries, causing a reduction in blood flow to the heart muscle. This lack of proper blood supply can result in symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and other indicators associated with a heart attack.

Ayurvedic treatment for heart attacks aims to restore balance to the doshas and promote optimal circulation to the heart. This typically involves dietary adjustments, the use of herbal remedies, and modifications to one’s lifestyle.To pacify aggravated vata and pitta doshas, Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend a diet consisting of cooling and nourishing foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and herbal is advisable to avoid spicy, oily, and processed foods, which can exacerbate imbalances.

Herbal supplements such as arjuna, hawthorn, and garlic are often utilized to support heart health and fortify the cardiovascular system. Additionally,incorporating regular physical exercise, practicing stress management techniques like meditation and yoga, and ensuring adequate rest are integral components of Ayurvedic therapy for heart attacks.

By addressing underlying imbalances and embracing a holistic approach to heart health, individuals can bolster the body’s innate healing capacities and diminish the likelihood of future heart attacks.

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