About Us:Understanding our Journey

About Us

Founded in 2023 in Sydney, AIAYS is the realisation of Ashok Alexander’s vision to meld ancient wisdom with contemporary Australian life, enhancing well-being through self-awareness and environmental consciousness. With years of experience teaching yoga in Darwin, Ashok has connected with many Australians increasingly interested in holistic health approaches that address not just symptoms but the roots of issues, especially in hormone, digestion, and mental health.

AIAYS is passionate about connecting Australian clients with India’s vast medical expertise. Indian Ayurveda doctors, who in most cases handle significantly more cases than their western counterparts and possess communication skills and knowledge on par with Western standards, offer a substantial resource. The plan includes partnerships with various Indian retreat centres to provide health solutions across different budgets and needs. For those unable to travel, local centres offer alternative solutions.

With Ashok’s extensive background in business and technology to develop a robust online medium along with a dedicated team and medical specialists, AIAYS is bringing holistic healing and comprehensive health solutions to Australia.

About Us:Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To prioritise customer well-being through Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, bringing them closer to nature, and in turn, themselves through greater understanding.

Our Vision: To be a premier health and knowledge centre for Ayurveda and Yogic Science in Australia, seamlessly integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to foster holistic wellness.

A word from our CEO. 

Commonly, we assume that if we are not sick, we are well. Yet, Western medical practices often recognise poor health too late, when conditions have become chronic and are either irreversible or require drastic measures with significant side effects. Ayurveda offers a different perspective, identifying early signs of imbalance, such as occasional bloating, skin irritation, or headaches, as the onset of health issues. Health is not a simple binary of sick and well, much like water on a stove isn’t just cold or boiling—it is a gradual process. Recognising early signs, such as changes in urine colour, tongue coating, eye redness, or fluctuating hunger levels, allows us to address these issues well before they escalate.

Our aim is not merely to prevent illness, but to help you achieve optimal health—a state where your body, mind, and spirit are strong. This not only enhances your daily life but it is also fostering a deeper connection to well-being and vitality. We are committed to Elevating Wellness by integrating the profound principles and practices from ancient Indian texts, Ayurveda and Yoga, into the fabric of Australian life. We address today’s complex health challenges by preventing, counteracting, or rebalancing them. We anticipate that the conventional medical system may become inadequate over the next two decades, potentially leading to a general decline in mental and physical health.

Nevertheless, many individuals will rise to the challenge, improving their well-being and aiding others in the process. If you’ve read this far about us, you are likely one of them. We aim to be your trusted source for health, just as you rely on a mechanic for your car or an accountant for your finances. We support you with knowledge, herbs, skills, and the confidence to navigate your health journey, including a complimentary pre-consultation with our founder to share the wisdom and passion that fuel our mission.

We are here to help you blossom into the best version of yourself with the ancient wisdom we are privileged to share. Always just a phone call or quick chat away, we invite you to join us early and become part of our inner circle. Together, we can significantly alter how health and wellness are approached in Australia. While we are passionate about Ayurveda and Yoga, we respect each individual’s right to choose their path to wellness. If you feel this path is right for you, we are here to support you every step of the way.

About Us:How do we plan to achieve it? In four stages.

Stage 1

Digital Presence & Initial Consultation and Follow-ups. Knowledgebase & FAQs

Stage 2

Expansion of Online Services Online Portal, Overseas Retreats, and Product Offering

Stage 3

Local Retreats, Increased product and service offerings

Stage 4

Local Retreats, Educational Services & Franchise Expansion

Ashok Alexander, Founder & CEO

Introducing Ashok Alexander, a visionary leader whose diverse journey spans engineering, business administration, and a dynamic array of entrepreneurial ventures in Sydney and Darwin. With over two decades of experience, Ashok has undertaken transforming startups and streamlining operations across various sectors, including restaurant, medical centre, and technology. His commitment to digital transformations and systems implementation has consistently enhanced operational processes, productivity, and efficiency, driving substantial bottom-line improvements.

Ashok’s prowess as a change agent is unmatched. He excels in identifying underserved market needs and emotions through meticulous research, crafting actionable strategies that deploy industry best practices uniquely adapted to each client’s specific circumstances. His extensive experience in managing diverse businesses, from setting up remote offices to operating large-scale stock car rental operations, has honed his ability to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with agility and foresight. Today, Ashok is channelling his passion and expertise into a new venture that marries the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with modern health needs. Through physical centres and online consultations, he aims to guide individuals and companies toward achieving holistic wellness and balance, promising a transformative impact on their personal and professional lives.

Shawn Turner, Co-Founder & Head of Technical

Meet Shawn, a dynamic leader whose career in sales, web development, and technical solutions spans over a decade of remarkable achievements. Starting as a humble sales agent, Shawn dove headfirst into the competitive world of sales, where his tenacity and sharp business acumen quickly set him apart. With an intuitive grasp of market dynamics and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he met targets and drove company revenues to unprecedented heights. Shawn’s journey from the ground up is a testament to his dedication and skill, embodying a success story written through perseverance and strategic brilliance.

Beyond his sales prowess, Shawn has a profound commitment to client satisfaction and project excellence. His natural propensity for nurturing relationships ensures that every client feels valued and well-served. In the realm of web development, Shawn’s leadership shines brightly. He has spearheaded projects that meet and exceed client expectations, thanks to his deep technical understanding and creative insights. His websites and applications don’t just function; they make an impact. For Shawn, leadership means full ownership—from the inception of a project to its culmination. He fosters a collaborative environment, emphasises knowledge sharing, and continuously mentors his team, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Rony Abraham, Co-Founder & Head of International Operations and Aggregation

Meet Rony Abraham, a seasoned professional whose remarkable journey in Ayurveda marketing and operations spans nearly three decades and the globe. Starting his career with a leading Ayurvedic organization, Rony quickly proved his mettle, expanding his expertise across diverse sectors, including travel, technology, hospitality,  innovative food technologies, and sustainable farming. His work with prestigious companies in aviation, retail, global food and beverage brands, and insurance reflects a career built on versatility and a commitment to excellence.

Rony’s role at AIAYS as the head of international operations and aggregation is a testament to his broad expertise and dynamic leadership. He has extensively promoted Ayurveda in regions such as the Indian Subcontinent, Americas, European Union, United Kingdom, Middle East and North Africa, and Southeast Asia, working with renowned companies like Kairali Ayurvedic Group, InfoPro Learning, Amadeus, and Bird Group. At AIAYS, Rony is instrumental in content aggregation, onboarding Ayurvedic doctors, facilitating telemedicine services, and integrating retreat centres. He manages all ground support operations from Kerala, the heartland of Ayurveda. Under his guidance, AIAYS is set to enrich its offerings, ensuring a seamless integration of products and services that will shape the future of global wellness.

Anita Sanal - Business Growth Strategist

Meet Anita Sanal. With extensive experience in international education, client partnerships, and business development, She brings a unique perspective to the Ayurveda field, especially in terms of enhancing sales and marketing efforts.

Her earlier background included acquiring new partners and maintaining strong relationships with universities, colleges, EdTech companies, and other relevant stakeholders. This experience is valuable in expanding the reach and collaboration opportunities within the Ayurveda community.

Anita’s passion for marketing and customer service aligns well with the holistic approach of Ayurveda aiming to create engaging, personalised experience for clients and customers, promoting Ayurvedic products and services effectively. By combining her knowledge of international markets with her understanding of customer needs, Anita will help this business expand its influence and achieve greater prominence in the global market. Innovative marketing strategies and strong client relationships enhance the overall experience and impact of Ayurveda in Australia and abroad.