About Ayurveda

FAQs: What is the fundamental philosophy of Ayurveda?

In this section of FAQs  the fundamental philosophy of Ayurveda is mentioned and how it  revolves around the holistic well-being of individuals,and  makes you understand its comprehensive approach that harmonises the mind, body, and spirit. This involves understanding and maintaining balance within one’s unique body and mind constitution.

Can you elaborate on the concept of Panchabhuta in Ayurveda?

The FAQs section of AIAYS provides an in-depth exploration of Panchabhuta, the basis in Ayurveda. Delving into the understanding of the five elements and their impact on health. The teachings emphasize achieving equilibrium among these elemental forces for overall well-being.

Define dosha and its significance in Ayurvedic understanding of health.

In this section of FAQs section Dosha is defined as vital life forces, and its significance lies in determining an individual’s unique constitution and health profile. The teachings emphasise the crucial role doshas play in maintaining health and the need for balance among them.

How personalised are the consultations and products used during an Ayurvedic session at AIAYS?

Consultation sessions at AIAYS are highly personalised. They are tailored to individual needs, considering factors such as body type, imbalances, and specific health conditions for an effective outcome.


What are your consultation hours?

Our consultation hours are designed to accommodate various schedules, ensuring convenience for our patients starting as early as 7am to as late as 9pm. We offer flexible appointment slots throughout the week, including evenings and weekends, to cater to different time preferences. You can check the profile of each Doctor or go through the booking process to see when they are available for consultations.

What specialties or areas do AIAYS practitioners focus on?

AIAYS practitioners specialise in a range of areas within Ayurveda and Yoga, including but not limited to digestive health, stress management, women’s health, mind body coordination, skeletomuscular and skin conditions. We tailor our treatments to address individual health needs, concerns and lifestyle effectively.

Can you walk me through the booking process?

You can easily schedule an appointment through our website by visiting the doctor’s profile or scrolling through the ailments. Simply choose a convenient time slot, provide the necessary information, and payment process, and you’ll be all set for your consultation and will receive online and SMS notifications. We also have pre-booking Consultation, if you would like to talk to our founder and get a first impression of what is on offer.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods to ensure flexibility for our patients. These include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and online payment platforms. Rest assured, we strive to make the payment process as convenient and secure as possible for you. We do not hold any payment-related information on our servers.

Where are your consulting locations or do you operate solely online?

We primarily operate online at this stage, allowing us to reach patients from all of Australia and provide convenient access to Ayurveda consultations, eventually we would like to promote internationally. While our services are primarily offered online, we want to ensure seamless communication and support to meet the needs of our patients regardless of their location.

Do you offer any services to try you before we commit further to learn more about Ayurveda and our services?

Yes, we offer quizzes and assessments designed to help patients gain insights into their health needs and understand how Ayurveda can benefit them at no cost. We also have a 20min session with our founder to have a one-to-one session, which while helping the client know about our process, have general discussions about their health issues and any concerns they may have. Our founder wants to also know firsthand the problems faced, the solutions we provide and any feedback which can be implemented and improved. These processes engage patients in their wellness journey and empower them to make informed decisions about their health.

About Accrediation and Recognition

Where are your practitioners based? Would they have the ability to understand me and my problem?

Our practitioners are based in various locations primarily in India and overseas, with consultation timings flexible in ensuring accessibility for patients in various time zone. While our doctors are quite experienced in their field and have been dealing with overseas patients average of about a decade. However, we do take them through AIAYS specialist orientation portal so they are aware of the mutual expectation. We all do understand communication is important as consultation is facilitated not done face to face and technical challenges and apprehensions are faced. Many in our team are proficient in multiple languages and have travelled and worked abroad too, ensuring effective understanding and communication with patients from diverse backgrounds.

What qualifications define an Ayurvedic Doctor, particularly in the Australian context at AIAYS?

We at AIAYS have highly qualified Ayurvedic Doctors with 10-25 years of experience, holding a minimum Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. This 5.5-6 years course in India is equivalent to the structure of an MBBS degree in Australia, ensuring comprehensive education in Ayurvedic practices.

They have also written various theses, published books, been in panels for various research, and undergone rigorous training and continuous professional development to uphold the highest standards of expertise and credibility in their practice. In addition, we request them to conduct and undergo various relevant trainings which may help us all collectively.

However, please be aware and advised that Ayurvedic Practices are not accredited yet in Australia due to a lack of modern scientific research evidence. However, many European countries have noted its credibility and historical validity.

Is Ayurveda recognised as a legitimate healthcare system in Australia, especially at AIAYS?

Yes, Ayurveda is recognized as a legitimate healthcare system in Australia, with AIAYS adhering to the standards and principles of Ayurvedic medicine as accepted by the Australian healthcare framework. We can undertake Ayurveda courses in Australia and hope to soon see it fully recognized too in the medical world.

Does private insurance cover Ayurvedic services at AIAYS?

Yes, as of now, a few private insurance companies cover Ayurvedic consultations and services under the umbrella of alternative medicine or natural remedies. It is recommended to inquire with your insurance regarding the extent of coverage based on your insurance plan.

Is there Medicare coverage for Ayurvedic consultations and treatments at AIAYS?

Unfortunately, as of now, the National Health Service (NHS) does not cover Ayurvedic consultations and treatments at AIAYS. Patients are advised to explore private insurance coverage for reimbursement.

Do you offer any guarantees or assurances for your services?

We understand the importance of quality and effectiveness in Ayurveda treatments. Therefore, we stand by the efficacy of our services and offer assurances of satisfaction. If you’re dissatisfied with your experience, we’re committed to addressing your concerns and finding suitable solutions. We are happy to rebook, find alternatives or even refund as per your communications.

About Treatment and Solutions
Can Ayurveda address a wide range of health issues, and what is its overall effectiveness at AIAYS?

The FAQs in Ayurveda and Yoga Consultations,  effectively address various health issues. Every time I visit India and meet these practitioners, I am astounded by what they have achieved in handling cases from traumatic brain injury to near organ failure to various mental health challenges.

Initially, we are not looking to serve such patients due to our lack of expertise. Nevertheless, we sincerely believe that its holistic approach focuses on long-term wellness, and adherence to prescribed treatments and Ayurvedic medicines can contribute to healing and disease prevention.

What is the typical timeframe to observe positive changes in health during Ayurvedic treatment at AIAYS?

The timeframe to observe positive changes after an AIAYS consultation depends on the severity of the health issue. Following practitioner recommendations promptly can lead to noticeable changes within a few days to weeks, typically ranging from 5 days to 4 weeks in most cases.

How is the cost of Ayurvedic treatment determined at the AIAYS, and what factors influence it?

Currently, AIAYS provides consultation services in collaboration with specialized doctors in India who are practicing and, in many cases, running their own establishments. We take great care in shortlisting, training, and orientation to work with our customers in the UK. Apart from the initial consultation and medicines, if the conditions are complicated, we have tie-ups with various medical establishments in India, where a short visit will be of utmost benefit. The cost of such Ayurvedic treatment is influenced by factors such as the severity and duration of the health issue, including massage treatments or Panchakarma detox, and the overall treatment plan. A short course for moderate symptoms may cost a few thousand, while a more extensive plan for severe conditions may cost a lot more, but it will be clear before we reach that stage, and it will vary case by case. We would try to see what best can be done locally.

Do you have any patient testimonies or success stories to share?

We have numerous patient testimonies and success stories that highlight the transformative impact of our Ayurveda treatments. We will surely have specific cases like yours. Even if it is not, our doctors can research in the medical portal and talk to other doctors in the panel and in wider networks if required to provide the most suitable and very specific solutions. These testimonials serve as social proof of the effectiveness of our services and provide reassurance to potential patients seeking holistic health solutions.

Are there any introductory offers or packages available for new patients?

Yes, we offer various introductory offers and packages tailored for new patients, providing an opportunity to experience the benefits of Ayurveda at a discounted rate. These packages and free consultation with our founder and quizzes are all designed to kickstart your wellness journey and support you in achieving your health goals.

FAQs About Prescriptions and Remedies
How crucial are Ayurvedic herbs and medicines in the treatment process, and are they safe?

The FAQs in Ayurvedic herbs and medicines play a crucial role in the treatment process at AIAYS, enhancing the healing process. When used according to expert advice, these natural remedies are generally safe, offering effective results with minimal side effects. Most are herbal products, so the body will either absorb the required nutrients or reject those that are not needed. Most oils used on the body are edible in small quantities. Some preparations use metals that are safely used in the British context but are banned overseas, and we follow any regulations and restrictions implemented from time to time.

Can individuals under the care of a different Ayurvedic Practitioner purchase herbs from AIAYS?

The FAQs clarify that individuals under the care of a different Ayurvedic Practitioner can purchase herbs from AIAYS if they are aware of the specific products they require. However, AIAYS cannot provide advice on dosage or other inquiries without a consultation with one of its practitioners.

Could you provide information about the brands of Ayurvedic products used at AIAYS?

The FAQs explain that AIAYS uses high-quality Ayurvedic products from reputable brands such as Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala, Vaidya Ratnam, Khandige, and Organic India. These brands are known for their organic and quality-focused approach. They also have modern testing facilities and the required international accreditations.

Define Yoga consultation and its significance in individualised healing plans at AIAYS

A Yoga consultation at AIAYS involves a one-to-one session with a Yoga therapist. The significance lies in creating a personalised Yoga routine tailored to support healing, providing a self-care plan that prevents further injuries and addresses specific body type needs and situations.

Can one adhere to a regular diet while undergoing Ayurvedic care or are specific dietary modifications necessary?

While undergoing Ayurvedic care, personalised dietary recommendations are often provided to address health conditions. Adhering to these modifications is recommended for optimal healing and well-being. Otherwise, results will be moderate.